UGC National Eligibility Test English Syllabus

UGC National Eligibility Test English Syllabus
Subject Code No. : 30(English Syllabus)
Paper – II
1.       Chaucer to Shakespeare
2.       Jacobean to Restoration Periods
3.       Augustan Age : 18th Century Literature
4.       Romantic Period
5.       Victorian Period
6.       Modern Period
7.       Contemporary Period
8.       American and other non – British Literatures
9.       Literary Theory and Criticism
10.    Rhetoric and Prosody
Paper – III (A) (Core Group)
1.       British Literature from Chaucer to the present day
2.       Criticism and Literary Theory.
Unit – I: Literary Comprehension (with internal choice of poetry stanza and prose passage; four comprehension questions will be asked carrying 4 marks each).
Unit – II: Up to the Renaissance.
Unit – III: Jacobean to Restoration Periods.
Unit – IV: Augustan Age 18th Century Literature.
Unit – V: Romantic Period.
Unit – VI: Victorian and Pre – Raphaelites.
Unit – VII: Modem British Literature.
Unit – VIII: Contemporary British Literature.
Unit – IX: Literary Theory and Criticism up to T. S. Eliot.
Unit – X: Contemporary Theory.

Paper – III (B) (Elective / Optional)
Elective – I: History of English Language, English Language Teaching
Elective – II: European Literature from Classical Age to the 20th Century.
Elective – III: Indian writing in English and Indian Literature in English translation.
Elective – IV: American and other non – British English Literatures.
Elective – V: Literary Theory and Criticism.

Note: There will be two question papers, Paper – II and Paper – III (Parts – A & B }. Paper – II will cover 50 Objective Type Questions (Multiple choice, Matching type, True / False, Assertion – Reasoning type) carrying 100 marks.
Paper – III will have two Parts – A and B ; Paper – III (A) will have 10 Short Essay type questions (300 words) carrying 16 marks each. In it there will be one question with internal choice from each unit (i.e. 10 questions from 10 units; Total marks will be 160).
Paper – III (B) will be compulsory and there will be one question from each of the Electives. The candidate will attempt only one question (one Elective only in 800 words) carrying 40 marks. Total marks of Paper – III will be 200.

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